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Style or Journal Name Citation Style Discipline Date
Trends in Cancer Author-Year Oncology 2016-06-29 Download
Bioarchaeology International Author-Year Anthropology 2016-06-28 Download
Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection Author-Year Plant Sciences 2016-06-28 Download
Pathology Non-superscripted Number Pathology 2016-06-28 Download
Adverse Drug Reaction Bulletin Non-superscripted Number Cardiology 2016-06-28 Download
MLA 8th edition - Modern Language Association [BETA] Author-Year Humanities 2016-06-28 Download
Clinical & Translational Immunology [beta] Superscripted Number Medicine 2016-06-22 Download
Psychiatric Genetics Author-Year Psychiatry 2016-06-20 Download
Pharmacogenetics and Genomics Non-superscripted Number Genetics 2016-06-20 Download
Nuclear Medicine Communications Non-superscripted Number Nuclear Medicine 2016-06-17 Download
Melanoma Research Non-superscripted Number Oncology 2016-06-17 Download
Medical Research Journal Superscripted Number Medicine 2016-06-17 Download
Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics B Non-superscripted Number Orthopedics 2016-06-17 Download
European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology Superscripted Number Gastroenterology, Hepatology 2016-06-16 Download
Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine Superscripted Number Cardiology 2016-06-16 Download
NeuroReport Superscripted Number Neurology 2016-05-12 Download
International Clinical Psychopharmacology Author-Year Pharmacology 2016-06-15 Download
International Journal of Rehabilitation Research Author-Year Social Sciences 2016-06-15 Download
European Journal of Cancer Prevention Author-Year Oncology 2016-06-15 Download
Egyptian Journal of Pathology Author-Year Pathology 2016-06-15 Download
ASAIO Journal Superscripted Number Medicine 2016-06-13 Download
Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society Non-superscripted Number Mathematics 2016-06-09 Download
ACS Infectious Diseases Superscripted Number Chemistry 2016-06-09 Download
Clinical Dysmorphology Author-Year Heredity & Genetics 2016-06-15 Download
DAI German Archaeological Institute [beta] Archaeology 2016-05-31 Download