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Style or Journal Name Citation Style Discipline Datesort ascending
APA 6th - Sentence Case Author-Year-Cited Pages Psychology 2014-04-18 Download
Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition Footnote (A) Footnote Humanities 2014-04-18 Download
Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Superscripted Number Anesthesiology 2014-04-17 Download
Biosystems Engineering Author-Year-Cited Pages Engineering 2014-04-10 Download
Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology Superscripted Number Science 2014-04-10 Download
Aquatic Living Resources Author-Year Aquatic Sciences 2014-04-10 Download
Journal of Radiation Research Non-superscripted Number Science 2014-04-04 Download
General and Comparative Endocrinology Author-Year Endocrinology 2014-04-02 Download
Meat Science Author-Year Food Science 2014-04-02 Download
Food Research International Author-Year Food Science 2014-04-02 Download
Indoor Air Author-Year Science 2014-04-02 Download
Advances in Nutrition Non-superscripted Number Nutrition 2014-03-31 Download
Sage Harvard Author-Year Multi-Disciplinary 2014-03-26 Download
APA 6th Sections Author-Year Psychology 2014-03-20 Download
APA 6th-Full Author Name Author-Year Psychology 2014-03-20 Download
APA 6th CV.ens Author-Title Generic 2014-03-20 Download
Journal of Professions and Organization Author-Year Business 2014-03-20 Download
APA 6th-Annotated Author-Year Psychology 2014-03-20 Download
Journal of Law and the Biosciences Footnote Legal 2014-03-20 Download
National Science Review Non-superscripted Number Science 2014-03-20 Download
Contemporary Women's Writing Author-Cited Pages Humanities 2014-03-20 Download
APA 6th - American Psychological Association 6th Edition Author-Year Psychology 2014-03-20 Download
Bluebook-Law Review Footnote Legal 2014-03-19 Download
Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry Superscripted Number Dentistry 2014-03-13 Download
Journal of the Society of Archivists Footnote Humanities 2014-03-13 Download