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Style or Journal Name Citation Style Discipline Datesort ascending
Journal of Palliative Medicine Superscripted Number Medicine 2014-09-17 Download
Radiotherapy and Oncology Non-superscripted Number Medicine 2014-09-17 Download
APA 6th - Icelandic Education 2014-09-16 Download
Geochemical Journal Author-Year Chemistry 2014-09-15 Download
APA 6th Sections Author-Year-Cited Pages Psychology 2014-09-12 Download
APA 6th - Sentence Case Author-Year-Cited Pages Psychology 2014-09-12 Download
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research Non-superscripted Number Hematology 2014-09-12 Download
APA 6th-Full Author Name Author-Year-Cited Pages Psychology 2014-09-12 Download
APA 6th CV.ens None Generic 2014-09-12 Download
APA 6th-Annotated Author-Year-Cited Pages Psychology 2014-09-12 Download
APA 6th - American Psychological Association 6th Edition Author-Year-Cited Pages Psychology 2014-09-12 Download
Gondwana Research Author-Year Science 2014-09-09 Download
Anaesthesia Non-superscripted Number Medicine 2014-09-09 Download
Prenatal Diagnosis Author-Year Obstetrics & Gynecology 2014-09-09 Download
Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases Non-superscripted Number Medicine 2014-09-05 Download
Clinical Anatomy Author-Year Anatomy 2014-08-26 Download
Acta Neuropathologica Non-superscripted Number Pathology 2014-08-26 Download
Journal of Experimental Nanoscience Non-superscripted Number Chemistry 2014-08-26 Download
Medical Principles and Practice Non-superscripted Number Medicine 2014-08-06 Download
Freshwater Biology Author-Year Biology 2014-08-06 Download
Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology Author-Title Biomechanics 2014-08-06 Download
Revista Geológica de América Central Author-Year Geology 2014-08-06 Download
Journal of Chromatography A Non-superscripted Number Biochemistry 2014-07-21 Download
Journal of Nuclear Medicine Superscripted Number Nuclear Medicine 2014-07-18 Download
Microbiology Author-Year Microbiology 2014-07-18 Download