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Style or Journal Name Citation Style Discipline Date
ACS Infectious Diseases Superscripted Number Chemistry 2016-06-09 Download
Clinical Dysmorphology Author-Year Heredity & Genetics 2016-06-15 Download
DAI German Archaeological Institute [beta] Archaeology 2016-05-31 Download
Critical Reviews in Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems [beta] Superscripted Number Medicine 2016-05-31 Download
Geochemical Perspectives Letters Author-Year Geology 2016-05-31 Download
Geochemical Perspectives Author-Year Geology 2016-05-31 Download
Current Genetic Medicine Reports Non-superscripted Number Medicine 2016-05-29 Download
Molecular Systems Design & Engineering Superscripted Number Chemistry 2016-05-28 Download
Applied Research in Quality of Life Author-Year Social Sciences 2016-05-28 Download
Journal of the Energy Institute Author-Year Energy, Engineering and Technology 2016-05-28 Download
Journal of Metallography, Microstructure and Analysis Non-superscripted Number Metals Material 2016-05-23 Download
Shape Memory and Superelasticity Non-superscripted Number Metals Material 2016-05-23 Download
Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion Non-superscripted Number Metals Material 2016-05-23 Download
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance Non-superscripted Number Metals Material 2016-05-23 Download
Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention Non-superscripted Number Metals Material 2016-05-23 Download
American Society for Microbiology (ASM) - Journals Non-superscripted Number Metals Material 2017-01-09 Download
Egyptian Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Superscripted Number Dentistry 2016-05-18 Download
Journal of Laryngology & Otology Superscripted Number Medicine 2016-05-11 Download
Cardiovascular Endocrinology Superscripted Number Cardiology 2016-04-13 Download
Blood Pressure Monitoring Superscripted Number Hematology 2016-04-13 Download
Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis Superscripted Number Hematology 2016-04-11 Download
Anti-Cancer Drugs Superscripted Number Medicine 2016-05-12 Download
Reviews in Medical Microbiology Superscripted Number Microbiology 2016-04-06 Download
German Journal of Medicine [beta] Superscripted Number Medicine 2016-04-05 Download
Intervention Author-Year-Cited Pages Mental Health 2016-04-05 Download