Importing Data - Help

Importing Data Into EndNote

Import 1: How can I download and import references from PubMed's website?

Import 2: I am trying to export search results from a website into EndNote using Internet Explorer or Safari under Mac OS X, but I cannot get it to work. Whenever I try to export it just saves a file to my desktop. How can I fix this?

Import 3: Can I convert a ProCite database to EndNote?

Import 4: Can I convert a Reference Manager database to EndNote?

Import 5: When trying to import a file containing diacritics saved as plain-text from EndNote 8 or later into Reference Manager, ProCite, or EndNote 7 or earlier, the diacritics are scrambled and useless. What can I do to fix this?

Import 6: I'd like to use InfoTrieve with the OpenURL function in EndNote, how can I set this up?

Import 7: When trying to export citations from a website in my web browser I get a "File not found" error or the records do not appear in my Windows EndNote library. How can I fix this?

Import 8: I have a list of references in a document that was not created using EndNote. Can I import these into EndNote?

Import 9: I'm having problems importing from Reference Update into EndNote 8 or later on a Mac; it doesn't seem to be working.

Import 10: When I export my references from RefViz into EndNote, I lose my page numbers, even though I can see that they are present in RefViz. What can I do to keep my page numbers?

Import 11: How can I import references from Google Scholar?

Import 12: When I direct export / import data into EndNote X, some fields are missing and the reference types are wrong. For example, when importing from online sources such as Google Scholar or Science magazine, journal articles appear in my library as the Ancient Text reference type and lack journal titles. How can I correct this?

Import 13: How can I transfer references from RefWorks into EndNote?

Import 14: How can I transfer groups from ProCite to EndNote X1 and later?

Import 15: When submitting a grant to the NIH, they require that the PMC number be included for all references. How do I do this?

Import 16: I am importing into Windows EndNote X2 from a website or text file, and my Journal references are coming in as Film or Broadcast. How can I correct this?

Import 17: When Direct Exporting from ProQuest, my results have the author name scrambled. How can I correct this?

Import 18: When Direct Exporting from Wilson Web, my results don't come in properly. How can I correct this?

Import 19: When Direct Exporting from Web of Knowledge, results don't all contain the journal information. How can I correct this?

Import 20: When importing records from 2010 or later, the record may have a blank in the Year field. How can I correct this on future imports?