Installation Help

Compatibility, Installing, Uninstalling, and Upgrading

Install 1: How can I correct a "Service Error: Generic" message when working in EndNote 8 or later?

Install 2: Can I activate my demo version to a full version?

Install 3: What are the system requirements for EndNote?

Install 4: When running an update patch for Windows EndNote, a window opens asking what application is used to open the file, or that it can not find the msiexec.exe application. How can I fix this?

Install 5: What versions of EndNote are still actively supported by Thomson Reuters Customer Technical Support?

Install 6: I'm getting a 1935 or 1904 error message when trying to install EndNote 8 or later. How can I resolve this problem?

Install 7: I purchased the download version of EndNote, and need to reinstall, but I no longer have the installer file on my computer. How can I re-download the software?

Install 8: After installing, when opening EndNote 8 or later an error message comes up. The window's title is "Software\ISI ResearchSoft\EndNote\Preferences", and the content of the window is all boxes or filled with Chinese characters. How can I fix this?

Install 9: If I use the demo version now to create libraries and bibliographies, will I be able to transfer my data from the demo version to the full version?

Install 10: I bought the upgrade version. What is the correct way to upgrade my old version?

Install 11: How can I deploy EndNote to many users/computers?

Install 12: What level of user rights (e.g. User, Power User, Administrator) does EndNote require to install and run correctly?

Install 13: When trying to install it always hangs or stops before the installation is complete. What's wrong?

Install 14: Should I uninstall my old version of EndNote before installing the new version?

Install 15: I just bought the download version, but I am not sure where I saved the installer file I just downloaded. What is this file called? How can I find it on my computer?

Install 16: I just bought the Windows download version, but when I try to run the installer file I always get an error message that reads "Not a valid Win32 application". What's wrong and how can I fix it?

Install 17: What are the considerations to keep in mind when upgrading to EndNote 8 and later from version 7 or earlier?

Install 18: Is EndNote Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act compliant?

Install 19: Is EndNote Citrix or Terminal Server compatible?

Install 20: What are the data limitations in the program?

Install 21: When installing EndNote on my Mac, I get an error, "1008:5,-5000 access denied". How can I resolve this?

Install 22: Is there a Microsoft Windows Mobile (PocketPC) or Palm version of EndNote?

Install 23: How do I configure EndNote to work with RefViz?

Install 24: I am running OS X (10.2.x) with EndNote 6.0, and when I try to open an EndNote library the program crashes. Are there compatibility issues? Is there a patch available?

Install 25: Where can I find my Serial number or Product Key?

Install 26: Does EndNote Windows run on a Windows disk partition on a Macintosh?

Install 27: How can I delete/recreate my EndNote preferences?

Install 28: Is EndNote compatible with a 64-bit version of Windows running on a computer with a 64-bit processor?

Install 29: When installing EndNote X1 upgrade, I have entered my serial number and gotten "Invalid Serial Number." I know the serial number is now correct, how can I fix this?

Install 30: I'm getting Error 1935 when installing EndNote on Windows Vista. How can I fix this?

Install 31: While installing, patching or uninstalling EndNote I am getting errors referring to missing MSI files. How can I correct this?

Install 32: After installing Endnote X2.0.1 or later, I skipped the EndNote Web registration. How do I register for EndNote Web from EndNote?

Install 33: After installing EndNote X1 or later on a Macintosh, EndNote 8 appears in the library title bar and Online Search is not working. How can I correct this?