Output Styles Help

Output Styles

Styles 1: I am looking for an output style, but I do not see it in the list of styles that comes with EndNote. What can I do?

Styles 2: When I try to modify a style or text to include Bold, Italic, Subscript or Superscript font attributes with EndNote 8 or later on the Mac, these options are not available to me and do not work.

Styles 3: I'm getting initials for some of my authors in the APA style, but I don't want any initials to show up. How can I fix this?

Styles 4: How can I change the way my style sorts my references in the bibliography?

Styles 5: How do I get my journal names to abbreviate or show the full journal name properly?

Styles 6: I am having problems saving my output style, or after saving the style I am getting errors. How do I fix this?