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Connection files contain all the information necessary for EndNote to search and import
references from an online database.

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Information Provider Databasesort ascending Date
CSA Zoological Record Plus 2012-06-20 Download
OvidSP Zoological Record Archives 2009-01-22 Download
Thomson Scientific Zoological Record 2009-02-26 Download
CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts 2012-06-20 Download
OCLC WorldCat Dissertations and Theses 2013-10-08 Download
OCLC WorldCat 2013-10-08 Download
EBSCO World History Collection 2012-02-14 Download
EBSCO World Book Encyclopedia International 2012-02-14 Download
EBSCO World Book Encyclopedia 2012-02-14 Download
WilsonWeb World Authors 2010-07-14 Download
OCLC World Almanac 2010-11-09 Download
EBSCO Women's Studies International 2012-02-14 Download
WilsonWeb Wilson Business Abstracts 2010-07-14 Download
EBSCO Wilson Biographies Illustrated 2012-02-14 Download
WilsonWeb Wilson Biographies 2010-07-14 Download
OvidSP Wilson Art Index 2011-07-27 Download
OvidSP Wilson Art Abstracts 2011-07-27 Download
EBSCO Wildlife Reference Center 2012-02-14 Download
EBSCO Wildlife & Ecology Studies Worldwide 2012-02-14 Download
Wikipedia Wikipedia 2013-08-27 Download
World Health Organization WHOLIS 2010-09-09 Download
Gale What Do I Read Next? 2010-10-07 Download
CSA WELDASEARCH 2012-06-20 Download
Thomson Scientific Web of Science - Social Sciences Citation Index 2010-01-11 Download
Thomson Scientific Web of Science - Science Citation Index 2010-01-11 Download