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Style or Journal Name Citation Style Discipline Date
Case Reports in Nephrology and Dialysis Non-superscripted Number Nephrology, Dialysis 2017-07-10 Download
Case Reports in Dermatology Non-superscripted Number Dermatology 2017-07-10 Download
Cardiorenal Medicine Non-superscripted Number Cardiorenal Medicine 2017-07-10 Download
Biomedicine Hub Non-superscripted Number Biomedicine 2017-07-10 Download
Annals of Neurosciences Non-superscripted Number Neuroscience 2017-07-10 Download
Aesthetics in Dermatology and Surgery Non-superscripted Number Aesthetic Medicine 2017-07-10 Download
Evolution & Human Behavior Author-Year-Cited Pages Human Behavior 2017-06-27 Download
Journal of Cancer Epigenetics Non-superscripted Number Cancer Epigenetics 2017-06-22 Download
Cancer Epigenetics Journal Non-superscripted Number Cancer Epigenetics 2017-06-22 Download
Cancer Epigenetics Non-superscripted Number Cancer Epigenetics 2017-06-22 Download
Journal of Diabetes and its Complications Superscripted Number Medicine 2017-06-22 Download
Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews Superscripted Number Endocrinology 2018-04-06 Download
Journal of Sports Sciences Author-Year-Cited Pages Sports Medicine 2017-06-16 Download
Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases Non-superscripted Number Medicine 2017-06-13 Download
Journal of Pharmacological Sciences Superscripted Number Pharmacology 2017-05-24 Download
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics Author-Year Economics 2017-05-24 Download
Cell Host & Microbe Author-Year Molecular & Cellular Biology 2017-05-22 Download
Microbial Risk Analysis Author-Year Microbiology 2017-05-22 Download
Thieme-German Non-superscripted Number Medicine 2017-05-19 Download
PMV Darmstadt Non-superscripted Number DIN ISO 2017-05-19 Download
Journal of Neurocritical Care Superscripted Number Critical Care Medicine 2017-05-19 Download
Holzforschung Author-Year Materials Science 2017-05-17 Download
Pure and Applied Chemistry Non-superscripted Number Chemistry 2017-05-17 Download
Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM) Non-superscripted Number Chemistry 2017-05-17 Download
Dermatology Online Journal Non-superscripted Number Dermatology 2017-08-09 Download