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Style or Journal Name Citation Style Discipline Date
BioDrugs Non-superscripted Number Pharmacology 2009-11-16 Download
Bioelectromagnetics Author-Year Biophysics 2013-02-14 Download
BioEssays Superscripted Number Molecular Biology 2013-07-09 Download
Bioethics Footnote Bioethics 2006-10-29 Download
Biogeochemistry Author-Year Chemical Engineering 2008-12-04 Download
Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly Author-Year Humanities 2010-05-25 Download
Bioinformatics Author-Year Bioinformatics 2013-07-25 Download
Biological Bulletin Author-Year Biology 2008-12-04 Download
Biological Conservation Author-Year Ecology 2008-12-05 Download
Biological Control Author-Year Agriculture 2008-12-11 Download
Biological Invasions Author-Year Biology 2008-12-11 Download
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society Author-Year Biology 2006-09-21 Download
Biological Psychiatry Non-superscripted Number Psychiatry 2008-12-11 Download
Biological Research for Nursing Author-Year Nursing 2011-03-23 Download
Biological Reviews Author-Year Biology 2015-01-14 Download
Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation Superscripted Number Hematology 2015-01-21 Download
Biology of Reproduction Non-superscripted Number Biology 2009-01-30 Download
Neonatology Non-superscripted Number Obstetrics & Gynecology 2016-07-07 Download
Biomacromolecules Superscripted Number Biochemistry 2008-02-28 Download
Biomass and Bioenergy Non-superscripted Number Biology 2016-11-14 Download
Biomaterials Non-superscripted Number Bioscience 2016-11-14 Download
BioMed Central Non-superscripted Number Biology 2010-08-03 Download
Biomedical Engineering OnLine Non-superscripted Number Biology 2010-08-03 Download
Biometrics Author-Year Statistics 2007-06-11 Download
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Superscripted Number Biochemistry 2014-01-24 Download