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Style or Journal Name Citation Style Discipline Date
Modern Humanities Research Association MHRA-Footnote Leeds University Superscripted Number Humanities 2017-01-12 Download
mSystems Non-superscripted Number Microbiology 2017-01-03 Download
mSphere Non-superscripted Number Microbiology 2017-01-03 Download
Medicinski razgledi Non-superscripted Number Biomedical Sciences 2016-12-19 Download
Digital Scholarship in the Humanities Author-Year Information Science 2016-12-13 Download
Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology Non-superscripted Number Gastroenterology 2018-05-02 Download
Stromingen Author-Year Water Sciences 2016-12-12 Download
Journal of Cultivated Plants (Journal für Kulturpflanzen) - English Author-Year Agriculture 2017-03-23 Download
Advanced Functional Materials Non-superscripted Number Engineering 2016-11-29 Download
Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics Non-superscripted Number Pharmacology 2016-11-14 Download
Cytotherapy Non-superscripted Number Cellular Therapy 2016-11-14 Download
Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Author-Year Xenobiotics 2017-01-20 Download
Journal of Parasitology Author-Year Parasitology 2016-11-02 Download
Akonder Journal of Advanced Neurological Science Non-superscripted Number Neurology, Neuroscience 2016-11-01 Download
ICONTEC Footnote Science 2016-10-28 Download
ACS Chemical Neuroscience Superscripted Number Chemistry 2017-07-24 Download
ACS Omega Superscripted Number Chemistry 2016-10-26 Download
JAMA Oncology Superscripted Number Oncology 2016-10-24 Download
Scottish Journal of Geology Author-Year Geology 2016-10-17 Download
Petroleum Geology Conference Series Author-Year Geology 2016-10-17 Download
Engineering Geology Special Publications Author-Year Geology 2016-10-17 Download
Topics in Catalysis Non-superscripted Number Chemistry 2016-09-26 Download
Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Author-Year Cell & Molecular Biology 2016-09-26 Download
Chemical Engineering and Technology Non-superscripted Number Chemistry 2016-09-22 Download
Chinese Medical Journal Superscripted Number Medicine 2016-09-21 Download