Managing EndNote Libraries - Help

Managing Libraries

Database 1: Is it possible to transfer a Windows EndNote library to EndNote on a Macintosh (and vice-versa)?

Database 2: What is the correct way to recover a library?

Database 3: When I look in the folder where my library is saved I see the library as well as a folder that has the same name as my library, followed by ".Data". What is this folder? Can I delete it?

Database 4: How can I move, back up, or transfer my library to another computer?

Database 5: Why do the number of references in my library not match the reference ID numbers for my references?

Database 6: I deleted my library file, but still have my .Data folder. Is there any way to recover the library information with just the contents of the .Data folder?

Database 7: When using the Compressed Library command in EndNote to create a .enlx file, what is the upper limit on how large a library file can be?

Database 8: How do Groups work in EndNote?

Database 9: How can I enter an institution or corporation as an author?

Database 10: I have more than one author, and they are not displaying properly. How can I correct this?