Importing Data - Help

Importing Data Into EndNote

Import 1: How can I download and import references from PubMed's website?

Import 2: I am trying to export search results from a website into EndNote using Internet Explorer or Safari under Mac OS X, but I cannot get it to work. Whenever I try to export it just saves a file to my desktop. How can I fix this?

Import 3: Can I convert a ProCite database to EndNote?

Import 4: Can I convert a Reference Manager database to EndNote?

Import 5: I'd like to use InfoTrieve with the OpenURL function in EndNote, how can I set this up?

Import 6: I have a list of references in a document that was not created using EndNote. Can I import these into EndNote?

Import 7: How can I import references from Google Scholar?

Import 8: How can I transfer references from RefWorks into EndNote?

Import 9: How can I transfer groups from ProCite to EndNote X1 and later?

Import 10: When Direct Exporting from ProQuest, my results have the author name scrambled. How can I correct this?

Import 11: When Direct Exporting from Wilson Web, my results don't come in properly. How can I correct this?

Import 12: When Direct Exporting from Web of Knowledge, results don't all contain the journal information. How can I correct this?