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Style or Journal Name Citation Style Discipline Date
Advances in Skin & Wound Care Superscripted Number Nursing 2010-06-11 Download
Advances in Small Animal Medicine & Surgery Non-superscripted Number Veterinary Medicine 2010-06-11 Download
Advances in Space Research Author-Year Space Research 2010-09-30 Download
Advances in Virus Research Author-Year Virology 2010-05-24 Download
Advances in Water Resources Non-superscripted Number Ecology 2013-01-08 Download
Adverse Drug Reaction Bulletin Non-superscripted Number Cardiology 2016-06-28 Download
Aeolian Research Author-Year Environment 2010-05-06 Download
Aerobiologia Author-Year Mycology 2011-10-18 Download
Aerosol and Air Quality Research Author-Year Engineering and Technology 2015-07-30 Download
Aerosol Science & Technology Author-Year Science 2013-08-30 Download
Aerospace Science and Technology Non-superscripted Number Science 2015-01-15 Download
Aesthetics in Dermatology and Surgery Non-superscripted Number Aesthetic Medicine 2017-07-10 Download
Affilia Author-Year Gender Studies 2009-03-17 Download
African Affairs Footnote Social Science 2012-11-07 Download
African and Black Diaspora: An International Journal Author-Year Humanities 2013-03-06 Download
African Development Review Author-Year Science 2014-03-12 Download
African Geographical Review Author-Year Social Science 2013-03-06 Download
African Identities Author-Year Humanities 2013-03-06 Download
African Journal of AIDS Research Author-Year Public Health 2013-06-17 Download
African Journal of Aquatic Science Author-Year Marine Science 2013-06-28 Download
African Journal of Ecology Author-Year Ecology 2007-03-01 Download
African Journal of Marine Sciences Author-Year Marine Science 2013-06-17 Download
African Journal of Political Science and International Relations Author-Year Political Science 2013-06-28 Download
African Journal of Range & Forage Science Author-Year Agriculture 2013-06-17 Download
African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation & Development Author-Year Technology 2013-06-28 Download