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Frequently Asked Questions about the App

Q: Will the PDF annotations I create in the app sync with other versions of EndNote?
A: Yes. Annotations made in the app will sync to EndNote online and the desktop, where you can continue to edit or add to them.

Q: EndNote for iPad can link directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Why not link to other Cloud-based file storage systems?
A: Direct linking to those services was a highly requested feature from our EndNote customers. We can investigate adding other options, but we first want to hear from you on which ones to prioritize. Please contact us and let us know what you'd like!

Q: It looks like the EndNote iPad app synchronizes with my EndNote online account. I want to sync with my desktop version of EndNote. How do I do this?
A: If you have created an EndNote account in the iPad app or on EndNote online, you can enter your account credentials in the EndNote X7 desktop under Preferences, Sync. You can then sync to access your library on any device.

Q: My file attachments aren't automatically syncing from my EndNote desktop and online accounts to my iPad. Why is this?
A: There are several ways to download file attachments for offline viewing and annotation. In order to respect network bandwidth and maximize sync speed, we do not default to automatically downloading all file attachments during sync. You can use the “Offline Attachment Settings” to configure any or all of your reference groups, or even your entire library, to automatically download their attachments during sync operations. By default, only the “Favorites” group is configured for offline attachment access. Simply mark a reference as a “Favorite” to add it to the “Favorites” group. To manually download file attachments, go to the reference details pane and either tap on the “Not Yet Downloaded” button within each desired attachment icon, or on the “Download All” link to download every attachment associated with that reference. Please note that local file attachment storage capacity is based on available iPad memory.

Q: Can I use Safari to save references from web-based databases into EndNote on iPad?
A: Yes, but you can also use the app's built-in web browser to search databases and import reference materials. To use Safari on iPad, simply perform your search in the database of your choice, choose the “save to EndNote” or export to reference management software option and then use the “Open in...” function of Safari to open the exported file in EndNote for iPad. The EndNote app supports importing most .ciw, .enw, .nbib, and .ris files.

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