Infographic: Avoiding common APA style errors

Posted in APA/MLA Style - 17 Dec 2014

Whether it’s spacing discrepancies or citation errors, this infographic has you covered! Below are some tips to help you avoid common APA formatting mistakes. 

APA Format Common Errors

Structuring a media analysis: what you need to know

Posted in Research - 15 Dec 2014

media analysis, research, media, analysis

Be it television, books, blogs, email or Twitter, media shapes human cultures, perceptions and reactions to events. Because so much of the information we consume is through the media, studying media is a valuable – and fascinating – way to gain understanding of the lenses through which we view various topics and issues.

That’s why social scientists rely upon media analyses. Researching how topics like fear, crime and terrorism are treated in the media can shine light on how society perceives these topics. Understanding how a left-wing paper and a right-wing paper treat an event differently can inform us about differences in how the two groups not only vote, but how they see the world.

Video: Science Hack Day Saint Petersburg 2014

Posted in Science Hack Day - 09 Oct 2014

Check out the video from Science Hack Day St. Petersburg! Video courtesy of